Improve your programmatic performance

Budget optimization by hand is time consuming - let a machine do the calculations and automatically adjust the budgets for you.

Laptop image with Radly Optimizer logo on the screen

Up to 45% more conversions with the same total budgets and saving up to 21% in cost conversion compared to non-optimized advertising.

The algorithm helps you to get the most out of your programmatic budgets.
Whether your business is e-com or brand-oriented, the tool offers suitable KPIs such as conversions, click-rate or ad view-ability.
After an easy setup, the tool works on it own. All you need to do is to lay back and enjoy the results.
Save time by letting the algorithm do the manual work for you.


How Radly works first point

Select your programmatic campaigns and line items to optimize. Choose your preferred KPI to optimize for from multiple options.

How Radly works second point

The algorithm predicts line item performance and budget use to allocate budgets daily for maximized results.

How Radly works thirds point

Keep track of your KPIs in the RADLY Optimizer UI and learn about your advertising.